Watch Beautiful Cacti Bloom in Timelapse

YouTube / National Geographic
YouTube / National Geographic / YouTube / National Geographic

Gardener Greg Krehel keeps scores of echinopsis cacti. They bloom overnight and the flowers only last one day, but Krehel films them in timelapse when it happens. He shoots the timelapse sequences in his bathroom.

In this four-minute video, Krehel shows a variety of his cacti blooming. At the end, he reviews the species you just saw, in case you'd like to grow your own beautiful blooming cacti. Ready for serious beauty? Behold:

For more of Krehel's videos, check out his YouTube page or his must-follow Instagram feed (on the latter, he sometimes shows behind-the-scenes images). He also has a nice website about echinopsis cacti, including how to buy them (no, he doesn't sell the cacti himself, but he has tips).