Own Part of This Brooklyn Restaurant If You Finish Their 30-Pound Burrito

Don Chingon
Don Chingon / Don Chingon

A stake in a Brooklyn-based taqueria can be yours—if you have the stomach for it. At Don Chingon in Park Slope, customers can order a massive, meaty burrito that’s dubbed the Gran Chingon. Finish it in an hour, and you get an even heftier prize: 10 percent ownership of the restaurant. The only catch? The burrito's 30 pounds.

Aside from the inevitable nausea you'll experience from attempting to eat massive amounts of chicken, steak, pork, cheese, beans, and rice, the dare comes with a few other drawbacks. You’ll have to shell out $150 for the meal and you’re not allowed to take any bathroom breaks or, er, discharge any bodily fluids while eating. Also, Don Chingon isn’t liable for any burrito-related illnesses or fatalities, and you’re not allowed to transfer ownership of the restaurant if you die. Oh, and you'll have to wash the burrito down with a Ghost Pepper margarita.

Still hungry? The Gran Chingon hit menus yesterday, so swing by Brooklyn if you feel like giving it a go. But don't feel too bad if you fail to finish the whole burrito. According to Yasir Salem, a New York City-based competitive eater and former Mental Floss marketing director, the task is "almost certainly impossible."

"The absolute maximum capacity I've ever seen is Joey Chestnut consuming 2.25 gallons of chili ... which comes out to 21 pounds," Salem says. "And that's his absolute maximum with a food that's easy to take down without needing extra fluids, which add weight. To put this into perspective, most 'big' burger challenges are around 5 pounds, and two-person 'big' pizza challenges are around 10 pounds."

Makes Gran Chingon's challenge a little harder to swallow, huh?

[h/t Time]