This Chicken is Tweeting for an Australian Barbecue Company


You've probably heard the theory that, given infinite time, a monkey on a typewriter will eventually bang out the works of Shakespeare. Betty, a chicken living in Australia, isn't expected to recreate such greatness—she just needs to stumble upon any five-letter word in the English language. Of course, Chicken Treat, the company behind this publicity stunt, would prefer that she not take infinitely long to do so.

Since October 8, Betty has spent her days pecking away at a keyboard inside her coop, unintentionally composing nonsensical tweets for the official Chicken Treat Twitter account. Her insights so far—“XKX BNHVFSE13 X8FGD 3 /P,L,9,I GU90U8BNGFVEĘASDZ EFSZV Q VCW 23QZAWFNJFIPGFB5 1 I PKO0 OLO I0PL A1REG5H K OKMYUT89 9IIO 5 1Q"—are about as coherent as most of what you'll already find on Twitter, but they're not good enough for Chicken Treat just yet.

The team is counting on Betty to get them into the Guinness Book of World Records. In order to qualify for the title of "First Coherent Tweet By A Chicken," Betty will need to peck and pick her way to a real five-letter word found in an English language dictionary. Until then, it's just chicken scratch.

[h/t Munchery]