Watch Gorgeous Bubbles Tumble in Microgravity

Youtube // NASA Johnson
Youtube // NASA Johnson / Youtube // NASA Johnson

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everything is cooler in space. Even oral hygiene becomes an awesome adventure in microgravity. 

But cool isn’t enough for NASA. The agency wants to be revolutionary, which is why astronauts have started filming their science experiments in super duper HD and uploading them to YouTube. Videos are shot in 4K with an Epic Dragon camera, the same high-speed, high-resolution equipment used to film The Hobbit. When slowed down, the videos should offer unique insights into the effects of microgravity.

Bubbles, space, and cameras make one heck of a team. Last year, astronauts immersed a GoPro camera inside a floating ball of water. If you happen to have a pair of stereoscopic glasses handy, you can even watch it in 3D. 

In their latest video, astronauts release a ball of water, then add food coloring and a fizzing antacid tablet to study how gas is released. Words can’t describe how cool this is; just watch the video. (For maximum awesomeness, click the gear icon and change the video settings to “2160p 4K”.)

For more ultra HD videos from the ISS, follow NASA Johnson on YouTube.