Watch Zookeepers Weigh a 1-Month-Old Aye-Aye

Youtube // San Diego Zoo
Youtube // San Diego Zoo / Youtube // San Diego Zoo

Babies are cute. It’s just science. But baby aye-ayes? Well, that’s a little more complicated. With their intense yellow eyes, steel-wool fur, and long, bony fingers, the endangered little primates may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Whether you think they’re creepy or cute, the aye-ayes need protection. By the 1930s, they’d all but vanished, which led scientists to declare them extinct. A few live animals were discovered in the 1950s, confirming that the species was still hanging on, albeit barely. 

To keep the aye-aye from going extinct (again), zoos and primate research facilities all over the world have started captive breeding programs. Just last month, the San Diego Zoo welcomed baby Fady (faw-dee) to their aye-aye community. Watch below as Fady goes in for her one-month weighing.

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