UK-Based Street Artist Creates Animated GIFs Using Graffiti

StreetArtNews / StreetArtNews

What do you get when you combine GIFs and graffiti? GIF-iti, a unique process invented by UK-based artist INSA. The artist paints and re-paints large murals on walls, photographing each stage along the way, and then uses those images as frames in an animation. Thus, the GIF-iti becomes both a dynamic, digital version of the physical mural, and a separate, static work of art unto itself.

During a recent five-week residency in Portland, Oregon with Hollywood Theatre Education Programs and Open School North, INSA put his art form on display, working with students and staff at Open School North to design a wall incorporating various references to Portland and to the Open School organization. According to StreetArtNews, the students painted 80 percent of the mural, which includes roses as a tribute to the city's nickname, "City of Roses," as well as Open School North's goat mascot.

As a bonus for visitors, INSA notes on his Instagram that there is an official GIF-iti App available on the App Store, which allows patrons to see the animated versions of real-life paintings on their smartphones. There is also an official Tumblr where the artist posts all of his creations. Check out more photos of the Portland GIF-iti below, as well as a few more examples of the cool street/digital art hybrid.