These Flower Street Lamps ‘Bloom’ When You Approach Them

HQ Architects via Vimeo
HQ Architects via Vimeo / HQ Architects via Vimeo

It’s easy to let the gloom of the city get you down. In an attempt to brighten up Jerusalem’s Valero Square, Tel Aviv’s HQ Architects have installed gigantic, flowering sculptures that bloom in the presence of passersby.

The art piece, titled “Warde," doubles as street lamps that crane over the square, offering pedestrians shelter from the sun during the daytime and lighting their path at night. When the area is deserted, the brilliant red flowers wilt and hang limply from their lamp post “stems.” Their massive, inflatable petals then inflate to a 9-meter width when a person or oncoming train arrives. 

The project is part of the municipality’s efforts to revitalize public spaces throughout the city center. A tram line runs through the middle of Valero Square, and waste composters and electrical substations clutter the area. “Warde” was installed last year as a way to bring a touch of playfulness and fantasy to the run-down square. 

Watch the flowers unfurl in the video below.

[h/t City Lab]