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Scott Campbell, Great Showdowns
Scott Campbell, Great Showdowns / Scott Campbell, Great Showdowns

Artist Scott Campbell paints classic movie showdowns. For the last nine years, he’s illustrated moments of confrontation between popular movie rivals like Austin Powers and Doctor Evil, Matilda and Miss Trunchbull, or Jurassic Park's unlucky human visitors and its dinosaurs. His drawings are simple, beautifully illustrated, and whimsical—even the most dire enemies are portrayed smiling at each other. 

Now, to celebrate the release of his third book, Great Showdowns: The Revenge, Campbell has launched a week long international scavenger hunt to find his artwork. Every day through November 8th, Campbell will post four illustrations on his website, with a few crucial hints. Each illustration, depicting a famous movie scene, will be hidden somewhere at the location where those scenes occurred. All in all, the scavenger hunt will cover 19 cities around the world. 

“I have always LOVED treasure hunts,” Campbell told io9. “I love the idea of looking for something that has been hidden by someone else’s hands and I wanted to give my fans something special from me. But I wanted the experience to be a fun time. Giving people paintings of their favorite movie characters is nice, but hiding the paintings at the locations in which the movies were filmed is extra good times.”

The Great, Great Showdowns Hunt started yesterday with scenes from A Clockwork Orange (1971), Ghostbusters (1986), Star Trek IV (1986), and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010). All of those paintings have been found, but Campbell will be posting new illustrations on the Great Showdowns website every day through Saturday. 

Check out today's clues below, or on Campbell's website:

1. Manhattan, NY USA

Now this is a wonderful family.  But every family has a few problems to work through.  The father returns to this family and attempts to reintegrate himself into the family fold.  They live in a real fancy house.  Where is this house?

2. Chicago, IL USA

What a cool dude this guy is.  He cut school one day and forced his friends to join him.  Everything this guy does is cool.  He even joins a parade in town and sings some songs for the crowd.  Everyone twists and shouts like crazy because he is just that cool and inspiring!  Where did he inspire the crowd to twist and shout so much??

3. Washington D.C. USA

I’ll bet this movie spooked you.  It’s about a little girl who gets possessed by the devil and lays in bed all day.  Priests try very hard to get the devil out of there, but it proves very difficult.  I mean, it’s a devil.  Ultimately, one of the priests leaps out the window and rolls down some stairs.  Where are these stairs??

4. Austin, TX USA

I would like to introduce you to a real tough guy.  This guy is very tough and he seeks some vengeance.  At one point he goes and asks his brother for some help with this vengeance.  His brother used to be tough, but then he became a priest and lives in a church.   Where was this church??

[h/t: io9]

All images courtesy of Scott Campbell, Great Showdowns