Finland’s New National Emojis Include Saunas, Nokia Phones, and Metal Heads

ThisisFINLAND/Bruno Leo Ribeiro
ThisisFINLAND/Bruno Leo Ribeiro / ThisisFINLAND/Bruno Leo Ribeiro

Finland is a famously stoic nation. However, its government recently launched a series of national emojis that express a sly—and self-aware—sense of national pride.

According to The Guardian, the digital images include Nokia phones, metal heads, and naked figures sweating it out in a sauna. They’re free to download online, and are intended to promote Finland’s image abroad.

“The Finland emojis were designed with a tongue-in-cheek approach, but I hope that they will tell the world not only about our special features but also something about our strengths,” said Petra Theman, director for public diplomacy at the foreign ministry.

One of these strengths is heavy-metal music. Finland has more heavy metal bands per capita than any other nation—making an emoji called “The Headbanger,” replete with long hair, black clothing, and outstretched fists, a natural fit for the set.

Another strength? An incredible sense of humor. Each emoji is paired with a wry caption, which explains (or doesn’t explain) why the image represents Finland. “The Sauna. Doesn’t need introducing. Sauna is as Finnish as it gets. Naked,” reads the line accompanying, well, "The Sauna." And of course, Nokia is Finland’s most famous corporation—meaning a Nokia 3310 was naturally included in the mix.

Thirty Finland-themed emoji will be available for Scandimaniacs’ texting pleasure as of December 30. Until then, you can grab the above three off the Finnish government’s promotional website—and you get extra brownie points if you text someone the Nokia 3310 from a Nokia 3310. 

[h/t The Guardian]