See the Never-Released Nintendo Playstation Console

Engadget / Engadget

In 2013, gamers around the world were excited to learn of the console collaboration in the late 1980s between two giants of the industry: Nintendo and Sony. Now, two years later, Engadget organized a sit down with the owner of one of these rare consoles, and has posted a video of the bizarre (yet awesome) prototype in use.


When the rumor of this console spread in 2013, many were skeptical that the SNES-CD (also called the Nintendo Playstation) was real. The device allegedly combined disc and cartridge functionality, for what would have been one of the biggest innovations in gaming history. A redditor named analogueboy (Dan Diebold) fanned the flames of geekdom when he posted that his father owned one, but his claims were quickly shot down by nonbelievers who thought that his evidence was fake, even after Diebold posted videos to YouTube showing off the system.

In an interview this past summer, Sony PlayStation's head of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida would not comment on whether or not the photos on the Internet were real, but he did say that when he joined the company, there was "a system called 'Play Station' that had both Super Nintendo cartridge support and some disc game support."

The new video posted on Engadget has the best look at the system so far, and the owners— Dan and his father Terry—share the story of how Terry came to own the piece of gaming history when his company filed for bankruptcy and held an auction of things found throughout their office building. Head over to the tech news site to learn more and to watch the system in action.