Watch This Former Navy SEAL Break the Wingsuit Distance World Record


Former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf wanted to raise $1 million for the Navy SEAL Foundation Survivor Support Program—so he decided to break a world record to get people’s attention. Stumpf, who has been recreationally skydiving for years, broke the record for absolute distance traveled in a wingsuit this summer, jumping a jaw-dropping 37,000 feet from an airplane and flying a full 18.26 miles before landing safely.

WIRED reports that “When asked why he chose a wingsuit record as his platform, Stumpf admits he would have juggled to get attention, but skydiving is the only thing he’s good at.” 

Still, Stumpf clearly loves performing death-defying stunts: The adrenaline junkie has been skydiving, BASE jumping, and teaching military free-fall courses for years. And his record-breaking wingsuit dive truly pushed the limits of what's humanly possible—Stumpf soared through a freezing cold "no man's land" miles from the ground.

Check out the video to watch the breathtaking flight for yourself, and visit Stumpf's GoFundMe page for more information on his fundraiser. 

[h/t: WIRED]