Watch What Happens to Magnetic Objects Inside an MRI Machine


Anyone who’s gotten an MRI scan knows that bringing metal into the machine would be a bad move. That’s because the process, short for magnetic resonance imaging, uses a large magnet and radio waves to scan the organs inside your body. Patients must be screened before entering the room to ensure they're not carrying any objects that might react to the machine. But what would happen if something magnetic did make it inside?

This video from UC Berkeley’s “practiCal FMRI” demonstrates exactly that. Before an MRI machine was decommissioned, a group scientists decide to conduct some fun experiments with it. The clip shows a steel shackle being bounced around by the force of the 4 Tesla magnet, and a stapler banging against its walls until it comes apart. When they position a chair with magnetic wheels near the entrance of machine, it’s pulled towards it with a force that reaches 2000 pounds. If you’ve ever wondered why they don’t allow metal objects into the MRI room, this should give you a pretty clear idea.

All images via YouTube.