This New Company Offers Break-Up Services on Your Behalf

@TheBreakupShop, Twitter
@TheBreakupShop, Twitter / @TheBreakupShop, Twitter

News that a relationship is over is often hard for the person receiving it, but it can also be difficult for the person who has to deliver it. A new company called The Breakup Shop understands that situation can be dicey, so it is offering a range of services for guys and girls who want to sever the link, but can't necessarily handle the dirty work.

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The Breakup Shop's catalog of services, which are completely real, according to The Atlantic, are divided into two categories: Breakups and Gifts For Exes. The dumper can choose between having the company send a text, a standard or custom letter, an email, or an old-fashioned phone call to inform their soon-to-be ex that the ship has sailed—and they're being left at the dock. The options start at $10 for a text or email and go up to $40 for a rushed custom letter.

If the dumper is the compassionate type, he or she can also use the Gifts For Exes collection to send over a DVD of The Notebook (2004), Netflix gift cards, rainbow cookies, Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS4 or Xbox One, or a pair of wine glasses. There is also a "Breakup Gift Box" for $80 that includes all of the above (with one of the media options), a sympathy letter, and the "comforting gift box" with a broken-heart graphic on the side.