Chewbacca's High-Maintenance Hair Routine

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Think Chewbacca’s luxurious brown mane is wash-and-go? Guess again. Allure beauty writer Jenna Rosenstein recently interviewed Maria Cork, the Jedi Master—ahem, supervisor—of the hair department in creature effects on The Force Awakens. Cork detailed the Wookiee’s elaborate hair care regimen, which requires way more than just a good combing and the occasional blow-dry.

Wookiee costumes are about seven and a half feet tall. They’re made mostly from yak hair, which is long and silky and similar to human hair. Of course, this means it’s prone to tangles—a problem Cork remedies with a special brush called the Tangle Teezer, which is reportedly a favorite with beauty insiders. The Tangle Teezer helps loosen the snarls caused by Chewy’s pouch rubbing against his hips—a condition that’s affectionately referred to as “Wookiee butt.” Cork also softens wayward Wookiee mats with an oil moisturizer, which she applies at night.

Once the Chewy outfits are smooth and glossy, Cork boosts their body with a curling wand, and puts loose strands into place with two kinds of hair spray. Of course, all that heat can damage the follicles, so Cork makes sure to mist the galactic creature’s tresses with a heat protectant spray.

Finally, since excessive washing can strip hair of its natural oils, Cork and her co-workers use an astringent tea-tree oil and vodka mixture to spruce up the Wookiee suits between heavy shampoos. When the Chewy costumes do get a bath—which occurs about two or three times during filming—they’re treated to a moisturizing conditioner.

Goes to show, it's not always easy being a fuzzball.

[h/t Allure]