This New York Times Meal Planner Will Help You Create The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

istock / istock

Whether you’re nervously planning your first Thanksgiving dinner or a veteran chef of delicious turkey feasts, the Gray Lady wants to help you plan the perfect meal this Thanksgiving. To that end, The New York Times' Cooking Section has launched an interactive Thanksgiving meal planner that will help you create a delicious dinner with minimal stress.

Simply called “Thanksgiving 2015,” the meal planner makes suggestions tailored to your specific holiday needs. Are you making an intimate dinner? Or feeding an entire party? Keeping Kosher or vegetarian? Looking for traditional recipes or interested in trying out more creative options? The useful recipe platform lets you toggle between all of these options, while a “Learn to Cook” section provides video instructions for several of the recipes.

Perhaps the best thing about The Times' Thanksgiving app is that it strives to be as inclusive of all skill levels as possible. While some of the recipes sound like they’d take a culinary degree to get right, others are quick and simple. In fact, if you’ve never prepared a Thanksgiving dinner before, The Times has even created an amazingly thorough and refreshingly straightforward companion section called “How to Plan and Cook Thanksgiving” that will help you schedule all of your cooking, and even walk you through grocery shopping step by step. Check out the full interactive Thanksgiving planner here.