In Photos: Every Single Object a Person Touches in a Day

Paula Zuccotti
Paula Zuccotti / Paula Zuccotti

London-based photographer and designer Paula Zuccotti’s new book is a series of portraits for obsessives of Things Organized NeatlyEvery Thing We Touch: A 24 Hour Inventory of Our Lives depicts people through not just the objects they own, but everything they physically touch throughout a day—or at least everything that can be arranged in a single photograph. Cars, furniture, and other large-scale objects don’t make the cut.   

The book presents the habits and routines of 62 people from around the world through the mundanity of their stuff, from clothing to children’s toys to the vegetables they prepared for dinner. The images present striking portraits of the people behind the objects: a 23-year-old Arizona cowboy’s objects include saddles and horseshoes and bales of hay, while a Spanish musician touches multiple pairs of headphones, instruments, and microphones. One guy is clearly some sort of entertainer—his stuff includes a fat suit and multiple fake hair pieces. One monastic individual only touches a bible and clothing. Without reading the names or ages, you can tell which collection belongs to a child or a parent, who eats healthy, and more. 

The woman whose objects are pictured above is Julie, 39, of London.

This is Anna, 2, of Tokyo:

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All images from Every Thing We Touch: A 24 Hour Inventory of Our Lives by Paula Zuccotti (Viking, £20/$30), out now.