Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Collects Ink From Celebrity Clients

Bang Bang / Dey St.
Bang Bang / Dey St. / Bang Bang / Dey St.

If you're an active member of social media, then you've probably seen Bang Bang's work, even if you don't know who he is. The New York-based artist has made a name for himself as your favorite celebrity's favorite tattooer, with a client list that includes big names like LeBron James, Justin Bieber, Adele, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Chris Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ruby Rose, Lenny Kravitz, and Rihanna. 

In his newly released book, Bang Bang: My Life in Ink, the self-taught artist of many styles (whose real name is Keith McCurdy) tells the story of how he went from being a kid in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, to owning his own tattoo parlor on New York's Lower East Side, tattooing Bieber on a private jet to Canada, and flying around the world just to meet Rihanna for a new piece. The book is filled with large, detailed images of a lot of the tattoos that Bang Bang has done over the years, and it also showcases the work of the other talented artists who call the Bang Bang shop home. 

One really cool chapter focuses on what Bang Bang calls his "Calf of Fame." "Some people want photos with their favorite celebs—I want them to tattoo me," he writes, going into detail about a few of the pieces that performers, models, and athletes have added to his collection. The photos below are directly from Bang Bang: My Life in Ink and show Adele, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Rihanna all reversing roles to tattoo Bang Bang. Head to the artist's website to grab a copy today.

"Adele tattooing the number "21" in green," Bang Bang / Dey St.

"Katy Perry inks peppermint face and "KP" logo," Bang Bang / Dey St.

"Miley Cyrus tattooing a crescent moon on Bang Bang's thumb instead of his calf," Bang Bang / Dey. St

"Rihanna pointing at umbrella tattoo," Bang Bang / Dey St.

"Cara Delevingne tattoos a heart with an arrow through it and 'CJD'," Bang Bang / Dey St.