Listen to John Legend Sing a Duet With Actual Stars


Nine-time Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend has had great success in his career, but so far he's only been judged by the denizens of this planet. In a new collaboration with Stella Artois and astrophysicist Zoltán Kolláth, Legend took his talents above and beyond by finding new voices to harmonize with: a group of actual stars.

The duet, aptly titled "Under the Stars," is being called the "first-ever duet between a musical star on earth and actual stars in the sky," and is a part of Stella Artois' Give Beautifully holiday campaign. "Stella Artois was originally crafted as a holiday gift to the city of Leuven, Belgium and we want to pay tribute to our origin story and inspire the entire country to give beautifully this holiday season," Stella Artois VP Ricardo Marques said in a press release. But space isn't filled with the sounds of singing stars, so to get the other part of the song, they needed the help of science.

According to Kolláth, each star in space has a frequency that, when translated and analyzed, has an audible tone. The tones of the stars (which are known officially as R Scuti, HR 1217, KIC 1162150, and KIC 3749404) were combined to create a sound that Legend describes as "ethereal" with a "dreamy vibe." The lyrics to the song include various references to the heavens and the stars, and also love and coming together. Listen to the track above and visit to learn more about the holiday campaign.