20 “Of the Month” Clubs to Gift This Season

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If you put off gift giving until the last minute, consider getting your loved ones a present that really is “totally coming in the mail.” An “of the month club” gift is a great way for your friend or family member to experience a variety of their favorite food or item—and best of all, there's no wrapping involved.


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There’s more to beef jerky than just Slim Jims and Jack Link’s. For three months, your recipient can sample craft jerky from all over the country. The first month's shipment arrives in a branded Club Jerky box, filled with half a pound of high quality jerky while the following two shipments will be in “slick, branded bubble lined poly mailers.” Regardless of the packaging, each selection contains only locally made jerky with no brand names in sight.

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Bacon Freak thinks everyone should be eating more bacon—which is why they offer a membership club that ships out bacon each month for three months. Each package comes with two flavors, including delights like jalapeno, honey BBQ, and vanilla bourbon.

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It's hard to pick just one shirt from Busted Tee's wide selection. That’s why buying in bulk is the way to go. With their “Shirt of the Month” deal, members pay a one-time $50 fee to receive one shirt a month, for three months. The company also offers six or 12 month plans, if three shirts just isn't enough.

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Have a friend who loves fresh fudge but doesn’t want to drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to get it? Have the Amish delight mailed right to their door with this club. For a whole year, your lucky recipient will get flavors like chocolate pecan, chocolate amaretto, Irish creme, chocolate turtle, and more.

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It’s not delivery, it’s Pizza of the Month Club. OK, so it’s technically delivery, but your giftee will still have to cook the pies once they arrive. Each pizza is made by a Chicago chef and delivered frozen in a reusable cooler. Members can expect a 9-inch Chicago style pizza at the doorstep once a month for three months.

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Why should anyone settle for one tutu, when they can have 12? These colorful, hand-sewn tutus will delight any little ballerina. By opting for the once-a-month deal, you pay for 10 tutus and they'll get 12—and free shipping.

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For three months, the person of your choice can take in a variety of soups. Choose from four different menus: Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun, and Americana. Each month, your recipient will receive six gourmet soups, six baguettes, and six bake-your-own cookies. If the member wants to take a break, they can opt out of the mailing one month and pick it up later.

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Hot sauce aficionados know there is a lot of spicy stuff out there and not enough time to try them all. This membership takes some of the traveling out of the way by sending one 10-ounce bottle a month for three months.

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“Lonely Book Junkie Book of the Month Club” is not like other of-the-month clubs. This special membership is specially tailored to each member. Each month, the seller will pick a vintage book cover relevant to the member’s reading tastes and create a special "junk journal" just for them.

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Both chefs and foodies will be enthused to get a whole slew of new marinades to try in their home creations. Members receive one bottle a month for six months.

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Not all olive oils are made equally. This club provides members with a bottle of extremely high quality olive oil each month for three months. Experts carefully pick the selection, which are all cold pressed and bottled on small farms in Italy.

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From mortadella to pepperoni, the possibilities for delicious sausage are almost endless. Fortuna’s Sausage Company will help foodies eat their way through the world of salami with this three-month membership.

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Send a half-pound bag of jellybeans to that special person's door once a month with this membership from David's Signature Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans. They promise to deliver only the finest of beans, “blending exotic cuisine and luxury candy.”

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This season, give the gift of everyone’s favorite Scandinavian pastry—the kringle! Your recipient will enjoy three, six, or 12 months of glorious circular treats, depending on how generous you’re feeling. The O-shaped desserts come in a variety of flavors like blueberry, almond, and cream cheese.

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Why should your friends and family members settle for regular white rice when they can have 12 pounds of fancy wild rice mailed to the house over the next year? The imported wild rice comes with a 48 ounce airtight glass jar to keep your special grain fresh.

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Give these minerals—not rocks—to the fledging geologist in your life. Each month brings a specimen from a different location. Other membership perks include access to the club newsletter, access to a members-only library of information about minerals, a discount on other mineral purchases from the site, and more.

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For lovers of quirky socks: Each month for six months, this subscription treats members to a brand new pair of socks. These socks are meant to fit most men, but ideally are made for those with shoe sizes between 10 and 13.

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Etsy shop sugarcookiedolls creates whimsical creatures and figures out of paper clay. Help your giftee collect 12 of her fairy-inspired figurines with this monthly membership. Sure, most people don’t need a monthly pixie, but they would still probably enjoy one. Just look at those sparkly wings!

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This membership is best for children, since the little masks might not fit an adult face. At the beginning of every month for six months or a year, customers will receive one felt animal mask chosen at random. The eco-friendly products also come with comfortable elastic bands.

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As part of the Mermaid of the Month Club membership, your giftee will receive a fresh basket of mermaid-related goods, including accessories, jewelry, and toys.

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