Watch a Rare Episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood About Violence

The Fred Rogers Company on VIMEO
The Fred Rogers Company on VIMEO / The Fred Rogers Company on VIMEO

At the beginning of a special episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Fred Rogers says something very unusual for the host of a children's show: "This program is not for young children to watch alone."

Rogers continues, "When children see and hear about frightening things, it's best for them to have an adult close by. Somebody who loves them, and can put their arm around them. So please get a grown up that you love to watch this program with you. Because we're going to talk about some sad and scary things."

The episode aired soon after John Lennon was shot in 1981, and was posted by The Fred Rogers Company yesterday on the anniversary of his death. It hasn't been seen in almost 35 years.

The special, which ran as part of PBS' evening programming, addresses the frightening violence that often takes place around the world. Rogers stresses communication and speaks with school children to get their thoughts and feelings on the subject. The clip also includes the famous "look for the helpers" story so often quoted when tragic events occur.

Rogers's message is as important today as it was then. Click over to The Fred Rogers Company's site to watch the full episode.