How Much a Hotel Room Will Cost In Cities Around the U.S. for New Year's Eve

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Traveling at the end of December is a little complicated. In cities known for great parties, getting a hotel to crash in after you’re done ringing in 2016 will cost a pretty penny. A new survey from the travel site Hipmunk analyzes just how expensive New Year’s lodging can be across the country.

In some cities, hotel prices go up more than 90 percent from the average on December 31. In Miami, a New Year’s hotel stay will cost you around 94 percent more than the average one-night stay in the city during any other time in 2015 ($310 versus $160). In Las Vegas, it’ll cost you 113 percent above the average ($242 versus $114). However, neither city is as expensive as New York, which only sees a 46 percent increase for New Year’s Eve rooms—but since hotels in the city are already expensive, that stacks up to $348.

And it’s not just well-worn tourist destinations that have large price increases for the holiday. Denver, Louisville, and San Antonio all have price increases around the 65 percent mark. So if you’re looking for a relative bargain, go with San Francisco, where rooms only go from $207 to $235 on NYE—a little more than a 13 percent increase. Though if you're really looking to pinch pennies, head to Raleigh, N.C. Or, you know, stay home and ring in the New Year with the ultimate bargain: Netflix on the couch.