The Eiffel Tower Would Be Able to Fit Under the World’s Tallest Railway Arch Bridge

AFCONS via Youtube
AFCONS via Youtube / AFCONS via Youtube

If you have a fear of heights, make sure you avoid traveling over the Chenab Bridge during any future trips to India. The bridge has been in the making since 2002, and it will stretch 4314 feet long and stand 1178 feet high, making it the tallest railway arch bridge in the world.

The structure will connect the Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Line across the deep gorges of the Chenab River. On top of that, the location of the bridge is also prone to earthquakes, gale winds, and potential terrorist attacks. Safety concerns halted the construction in 2008, but it resumed two years later and has since been declared a national project.

To tackle the structure's unique challenges, the builders and designers are taking several special precautions. The bridge has been designed to survive a magnitude eight earthquake and 124-mile-per-hour winds. Trains will be able to safely use the bridge in winds up to 56 miles per hour, and anything beyond that will automatically activate sensors which will prevent them from crossing.

The bridge will also be fortified with 2.5-inch thick, blast-proof steel specially designed to withstand explosions. A monitoring system, online warnings, and a ring of aerial security will provide an added layer of safety. To learn more about how the bridge is currently being constructed, you can watch the video from the engineering company AFCONS Infrastructure Limited below.