Artist Imagines Flags for the Planets of Star Wars

scott kelly
scott kelly / scott kelly

We know you're sick of hearing about Star Wars: The Force Awakens by now, but we couldn't resist showing you one more piece of amazing fanwork. New Zealand-born, London-based designer Scott Kelly has created an impressive series of flags for over 100 of the planets featured in the Star Wars franchise. Called "Flags of the Galaxy," the collection of fictional flags demonstrates an intense knowledge of George Lucas's world. 

As an avid fan of both Star Wars and vexillology, it only seemed natural for Kelly to combine his interests. With the franchise's extensive world-building, there were plenty of planets to assign hypothetical flags. Wookiepedia, along with his own knowledge, aided the designer in creating flags inspired by the traits of each planet. 

"Using these traditions I created the designs by closely looking at the historical, economic, physical, political, and societal attributes of the planets," Kelly explains on the website. Tatooine, for example, features two red circles for the planet's two suns, while the Death Star sports two white semi-circles on a grey background to resemble the battle station. Kelly also took some creative liberties, like giving all Galactic Republic planets a royal blue color. 

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Flag traditions like canton, chevron, and the 2:3 ratio helped keep the flags uniform and realistic. “I tried to walk the line between traditional flag design and these far-off alien planets,” Kelly told WIRED.

You can check out some of the flags right here, but we recommend checking out Kelly's beautiful website for the rest.