Watch This SUV Drive on Wheels Carved From Ice


While tires made entirely from ice may not get the best traction, they certainly look cool. For this video, Lexus UK collaborated with the British ice sculpting company Hamilton Ice Sculptors to carve a set of functioning wheels for their Lexus NX. To start, the car's actual wheels were laser-scanned to ensure the rolling ice sculptures were a perfect match for the vehicle. After the wheels were set in place, the NX sat in -22°F conditions for five days before it was finally unveiled. 

The ultimate test drive is far from the high speed, closed-course stunts you usually see in car commercials, but given that the NX has a curb weight of about 4000 pounds, the journey is plenty impressive on its own. (The glowing blue back lights are also a nice touch.) You can watch the full process in the video above. 

[h/t: The Verge]