Quidditch Pong Puts a Magical Spin on a College Tradition

Quidditch Pong/Facebook
Quidditch Pong/Facebook / Quidditch Pong/Facebook

Looking for a new way to cap off a Harry Potter movie-watching marathon? Quidditch Pong may be just what you need. The game resembles regular beer pong in the Muggle world, but with a wizardly twist that will make you want to buy an extra case of Butterbeer.

The Unofficial Quidditch Pong set comes with three Quidditch hoops, two Beater bats, and one Golden Snitch ball. Here’s how it works: First set up a long table and rack 10 plastic cups full of your favorite tasty beverage on each end, placing the Quidditch hoops between them. Place one "Snitch Cup" further away from the table.

Assemble two Hogwarts Houses made up of three players apiece and designate a Beater and a Seeker from each house. Teams take turns taking shots through hoops and drinking, while they also have the ability to cast "spells.” For example, if you say “Levicorpus,” then your opponent has to make his or her next shot while jumping in mid-air. The first house to make all their cups wins the match. Additionally, a team’s Seeker could win the game by sinking a shot with the Golden Snitch ball in the special "Snitch Cup."

The Unofficial Quidditch Pong Set retails for $37.99, and has already proven immensely popular (if you want to buy a set, there’s a waiting list). Sorry, Owl Post not available.

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