Netflix—Now In Your Hotel Room

Enseo/Facebook / Enseo/Facebook

Big-name hotels can offer guests a lot in terms of creature comforts, from cozy beds to speedy room service to premium cable. However, binge-watching your favorite television series is one amenity that can be hard to come by, as many hotels put restrictions on Internet bandwidth. Fortunately, a few top hotel chains are changing that policy and making some streaming exceptions.

More than 300 hotels across the United States are beginning to roll out the Enseo Entertainment System, or E3, with an eye toward personalizing the guest experience, according to TIME. E3 is an in-room set-top box that allows guests to login to their personal Netflix, HuluPlus, YouTube, Crackle, and Pandora accounts. The best part? It’s totally complimentary. Which means that you can catch up on the latest season of House of Cards on vacation or re-watch all of Breaking Bad in the midst of a business trip.

Marriott, Hilton, La Quinta, and Gaylord Hotels are starting to introduce the E3 system to thousands of rooms, with guests reportedly streaming more than 1400 hours of video per day. In the past, guests would bog down the hotel’s entire Wi-Fi network with video streaming, which would make speeds slower for everyone else.

It’s easy to use, too. Hotel guests just need to log into their preferred streaming video accounts and when their stay is over, there’s one big button on the E3 interface to quickly log out. If a guest forgets to log out, E3 will automatically disconnect any services during checkout, ensuring that the next guest to stay in that room won’t be binge-watching The Bachelor without your permission.

[h/t TIME]