Watch The Wizard of Oz, Rearranged Into Alphabetical Order


While alphabetical order is a standard way to organize things like books and files, it's a strange way to organize a movie. Filmmaker Matt Bucy went ahead and rearranged The Wizard of Oz anyway. The nonsensical recut (fittingly titled Of Oz the Wizard) alphabetizes every word spoken in the movie, along with the title and opening credits. To complete that task, Bucy meticulously chopped the 101-minute movie into individual words, resulting in a montage of sounds. (Spoiler alert: "are" and "hhh" make a lot of appearances.)

Though it jumps from scene to scene with jarring speed, once the viewer gets to common words like "it" and "the," the film becomes almost lulling. Then it returns to other less common words and the viewer is thrown back into a herky-jerky attack of the senses. Without plot or context and running over two hours, the movie is probably too abrasive for even the most motivated of viewers to sit through—even if it is orderly.

[h/t: The AV Club]