Nutella Fans, Rejoice: You Have Another Sweet Festival

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Nutella nuts (we use the term affectionately) are very passionate, but for years, the devotion has been a private one. Now, long-held dreams of joining hands in adoration of the creamy spread are becoming a reality.

On April 9, Nutella-Palooza will be held in Adelaide, Australia. The six-hour tribute to the chocolate-hazelnut treat is open to anyone with a sweet tooth and the means to make the trip. (But leave the dogs at home. Four-legged friends are not allowed near the bountiful chocolate reserves.)

The first event of its kind for Australia—but not the world, just ask the people of Malta—Nutella-Palooza is described on the event website as a "celebration of all things Nutella and chocolate." Organized by a group of fans and supported by the Splash Adelaide program, the free event will be held at Bonython Park. In addition to food trucks, chocolate stalls, and demonstrations on how to cook with Nutella, the event will also feature art installations, soon-to-be-announced guests, and music for the entire family.

An Instagram account has been launched for the festival, and is stocked with drool-worthy images of Nutella covering everything from ice cream to custard cronuts. It's a good way to amp yourself up or join in from the comfort of your couch.

[h/t: Mashable]