Happy Birthday, David Bowie! Here's to the Rocker Who's Accomplished Far More Than We Ever Will


David Bowie became an icon some four decades ago, and at that point, he probably could have packed it up and spent the remainder of his career resting on well-deserved laurels. Instead, he's continued to create (to much acclaim) and today, on the glam rocker's 69th birthday, he celebrated the occasion by releasing his 25th album, Blackstar.

You can track Bowie’s long and storied career on a new website called "What Did David Bowie Do at Your Age?" (in short, the answer is: more than you). Enter in your age to compare the superstar's life achievements with your own and prepare to feel very unaccomplished. “This page is to celebrate David Bowie, and remind us to get out of our comfort zone and start doing sh*t,” the site reads.

Of course, it’s unrealistic to compare yourself with a musical visionary—a fact that website co-developer Duy Nguyen acknowledged on Twitter. (“I realized how depressed I’m making everyone feel ... sorry ya’ll haha,” he tweeted.) Nevertheless, it’s humbling—and hilarious—to track Bowie’s evolution. And as the singer himself has pointed out, “The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” Easy for you to say, Ziggy.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia // CC BY-SA 3.0

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