This New Wristband Tracks Your Emotions

Sentio Solutions Inc.
Sentio Solutions Inc. / Sentio Solutions Inc.

Wearable tech can help us improve everything from our professional life to our activity levels, and now there’s a wearable out there designed to boost your emotional well-being.

A prototype of the “Feel” wristband was presented in Las Vegas at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by the startup Sentio Solutions Inc. The sleek and simple design is reminiscent of the popular fitness tracker Fitbit, and shares similarities in its concept, too. Instead of helping you keep track of your physical activity, however, Feel monitors your emotions throughout the day and sends feedback to a companion app on your phone.

Four integrated sensors in the band are constantly working to measure your body’s skin temperature, blood volume pressure, and galvanic skin response. Based on the data it gathers, the app graphs a visualization of your emotion levels throughout the day and offers personalized suggestions for stress reduction and self-improvement. Users can review how their moods were affected by where they were, who they were with, and what they were doing at any point in the day. 

Other special features available in the app include guided breathing and meditation exercises, an option to set and track emotional wellness goals, and an alert that causes the wristband to vibrate in stressful situations (in case you needed one more thing to stress about). Whether a high tech wristband can actually help to improve your mood is up for debate, but it looks a lot more stylish than a '70s-era mood ring. 

[h/t: Nerdist]