Find Out Your 'Drinking Nationality' With the BBC's Booze Calculator

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Do you drink like a “boozy Belarusian” or a “teetotal Kuwaiti?” The BBC has compiled alcohol consumption data from the World Health Organization to answer that very question. They've broken down global drinking habits into alcohol preferences and consumption levels, so you can now find the country that best matches your homebrewed drinking identity.

With the “Booze Calculator,” you can enter the amount of beer, wine, and/or spirits you’ve consumed in the last week, and the BBC will tell you how you line up with men and women in your home country, as well as with which country your drinking habits are most aligned. Prefer a frothy pint of beer to a glass of wine? You might drink like a Namibian. Budding sommeliers, meanwhile, might look for drinking buddies in Portugal or France.

The examination of the world's drinking habits also includes colorful maps and charts showing which countries are the heaviest and lightest drinkers, as well as which prefer beer, wine, spirits, and “other” drinks, which include beer made from sorghum, and South Korean soju, a liquor made from rice. The graphics show how drinking habits vary from country to country, revealing how drinking habits are often at least partly culturally defined.

Find out your “drinking nationality,” and learn more about alcohol consumption around the world, here.

[h/t: BBC]