This Weekend, You Can Play Unlimited Games at the World's Biggest Pinball Museum

Museum of Pinball
Museum of Pinball / Museum of Pinball

Beaten all the games at your favorite arcade? Swing by the Museum of Pinball in Banning, California this weekend. There, you can play all of its machines for a set price at the third annual Arcade Expo, which runs from Friday, January 15 through Sunday, January 17.

Renowned for its collection of approximately 800 vintage and rare machines, the Museum of Pinball is only open a few days a year. Its founder, John Weeks, is a former arcade owner who began purchasing novelty, antique, and obscure pinball and video games in the 1990s. While he doesn’t have the time or resources to keep the museum open 24/7, Weeks wants others to enjoy his treasures. That’s why he's hosting Arcade Expo.

“A lot of people go ‘I don’t want you to touch my machine,’ but I want to share,” Weeks told the Los Angeles Daily News. “If I don’t pop them out now, they’ll never get played with.”

In addition to unlimited gaming, Arcade Expo offers a professional pinball tournament, food vendors, and live “chiptune music” that’s meant to sound like classic video game tunes. Attendees can play games dating back to 1855, and obscure ones like Joust—a combination of pinball and air hockey—and Baby Pac-Man.

Last year, over 3500 pinball fans attended Arcade Expo—and even more arcade sharks are expected to arrive this weekend. To learn more about the event, visit the Museum of Pinball’s Facebook page or purchase tickets online.

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