See What the Northern Lights Look Like From Space

Twitter User @astro_timpeake
Twitter User @astro_timpeake / Twitter User @astro_timpeake

An astronaut’s job has got to be grueling. The demands and pressures on their minds and bodies are constant, even as they sleep. Mishaps that would be small on Earth are catastrophic in space. Yet despite all this, the folks aboard the International Space Station (ISS) seem to be having a pretty good time. 

Take Tim Peake, for example. The British astronaut joined the crew aboard the ISS in December, and wasted no time getting settled in. Peake has plenty of work on his plate, including a to-do list of 265 experiments, but he’s making good use of his free time. The 43-year-old is currently training to run the London marathon from space this year, and recently started taking space photography lessons from fellow ISS resident Scott Kelly

He shared his first snapshots via Twitter. Not too bad for an amateur, eh?