LEGOLAND Is Looking to Hire Model Builders

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Looking for a career change? With the right building chops, you can live out your childhood dreams and build LEGO sculptures for LEGOLAND.

Merlin Entertainment, owner of the LEGOLAND theme parks and other attractions, announced that the facility is looking to add skilled LEGO builders to their team. The company recently expanded their park in Florida with a new area called Merlin Magic Making Hub, about 10 miles from the original location, and could use more builders on hand.

"It's a brand new production facility to make Lego models for Merlin attractions all around the world," Ryan Wood, the model shop supervisor, told news channel Fox 13. "The kind of models we make here are typically for mini-land attractions within the Legoland and Legoland Discovery Center parks."

Merlin has already hired 50 new builders, but is on the prowl for 20 more. According to the job description, the builders will be making "sturdy, accurate, complicated, safe and installable LEGO models for a wide variety of LEGOLAND attractions including miniature scale models and/or life sized organic models from prototypes, diagrams or computer generated instructions."

But don't quit your day job just yet. In addition to a high school diploma, you'll need "previous experience in LEGO model building (architectural and/or sculptural), basic computer knowledge, [and] a good knowledge of LEGO parts" among other things. And the hiring process is intense. Applicants can expect timed builds, “freestyle” builds, and multiple interviews. If you pass, you get to work with other skilled builders and create some incredible things.

[h/t: Quartz]