New App Helps You Find Part-Time Jobs Based On Your Commute

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For hourly workers, finding the perfect job location can often be as important as finding the perfect job. This is especially true for many minimum wage employees who juggle multiple jobs; finding work along their existing commutes can save hours of travel time. Mark Emery, the founder of a new start-up called Juvo360, has created an app that finds job opportunities for hourly workers, students, working parents, and anyone in need of location-specific work.

The app automatically traces a user's movements as they go about their day, and provides automatic job listings based on their location. “The more you use the app, the more it learns about you, sending you recommendations based on such information as your job title or how close the job is to your home,” explains Forbes. “You also get a ‘Juvo score’ for each employer, based on such factors as location and potential to provide additional income.”

Emery's daughter, who has learning disabilities and works several low-paying jobs, was the inspiration for Juvo360. He realized that she was regularly driving 18 miles for a four-hour shift at a restaurant—out of the way of her other jobs—and he began to wish there was a way for her to line up her work with her commute. The app launched in November and is still a work in progress, but it's a valuable step toward solving one of the most common (and overlooked) issues facing the millions of hourly employees in the United States. 

[h/t: Forbes]