The Internet Rallied to Keep a Retired Cop and His K-9 Partner Together


If there's one thing the Internet can agree on, it's that the bonds between people and animals should not be broken. When the story of a retired police officer in Marietta, Ohio fighting to keep his K-9 partner as a pet went viral online, donors from all over the world reached into their pockets to help. The GoFundMe campaign raised over $63,000 to keep the duo together, a total sum that far surpassed the $3500 goal.

Matthew Hickey worked for the police department in Marietta for over 30 years, four of which were spent training and working alongside a six-year-old German Shepard named Ajax. According to the GoFundMe campaign, Hickey was initially told by the city that he could buy his partner for $3500, but the offer was later rescinded and Ajax was to be sold at auction. The funds raised in the GoFundMe campaign will be used toward the auction; any remaining funds will go toward buying bulletproof vests for working K-9 officers.

Mashable reports that the auction date will be announced on February 4. But for those who have become invested in the fate of Ajax and want an update now, city officials will be holding a press conference at 2 p.m. EST today, according to Hickey's friend Corey Orr. You can follow the livestream here

Banner image via YouTube

[h/t: Mashable]