This App Deletes Your Work If You Stop Writing

Product Hunt
Product Hunt / Product Hunt

There are countless apps that provide the means for distraction, but Flowstate aims to do the opposite. If you take a break from typing on this word-processing app, everything you've written will start to fade—and after five seconds, it'll disappear completely.

Users who download this app from Product Hunt choose to set the timer for between five and 180 minutes of continuous writing, thus freeing themselves from the temptation to break for a nap or an extended YouTube binge. Once the time is set, the writer chooses a font and gives his or her piece a title, then lets the creative juices flow. 

The app also lets you view your word and character count as they steadily increase, and you can download and share your masterpiece once your time is up (of course, you’ll probably need to make some edits first, which the app also allows you to do after your session).


The name of this app refers to the intensely focused state of mind that one experiences when they're consumed by a singular task. According to many psychology experts, reaching a flow state may be a vital component in the mysterious formula for creativity. And while free-writing for five minutes a day is better than nothing at all, one of the app’s creators, Caleb Slain, told Mashable that at least 15 minutes is usually required to break into this mental state.

You can download the app for OS X for $14.99 or iOS for $9.99.

[h/t: Mashable]