This Smart Gas Pedal Vibrates When You Floor It

Bosch / Bosch

If you suffer from a chronic case of lead-foot syndrome, this new device from Bosch may be just the cure you need. The tech auto parts manufacturer's smart gas pedal gives drivers a gentle buzz on the foot when they're hitting the gas too hard.

The primary goal of this feature is to achieve better efficiency for your vehicle. According to Bosch, drivers who use this pedal can increase their car’s fuel efficiency by up to seven percent. The device can also monitor the car’s transmission and alert drivers to the most opportune time to switch gears.

By connecting it to cameras outfitted on the car's exterior, the pedal can be used to promote road safety as well as fuel efficiency. When a driver is speeding as they approach sharp turns or obstructions in the road, a brief pulse of vibration would let them know to slow down. The pedal can also utilize different forms of feedback, like buzzes, taps, or counter pressure, to communicate various messages to the driver. This may seem like a lot to keep up with, but Bosch predicts that drivers would get used to the pedal fairly quickly, meaning their responses would become second nature.

There’s still no word on when to expect the pedals in production vehicles, so, until then, be mindful of how hard you’re hitting the gas.

[h/t Fast Co. Design]