Cherry Blossom-Flavored Pepsi Is Coming to Japan

NicoNico News / Pepsi
NicoNico News / Pepsi / NicoNico News / Pepsi

It’s no secret that Japan is home to adventurous culinary and snack experiences that often aren't available in the United States. Coming soon to store shelves that already stock unusual Kit Kat flavors and eyebrow-raising variations of Doritos: Sakura Pepsi, which reportedly tastes like the blossoms of a cherry tree.

The seasonal Pepsi—set for a March 8 release, according to Japanese-based website NicoNico News—is pink and has a “sweet cherry aroma.” However, there is no description of what the Pepsi flavor will taste like. (Hopefully, it will get a better reception than one of Pepsi’s more notorious Japanese flavors, Ice Cucumber.)

So what exactly do cherry blossoms taste like? It's a familiar flavor to some Japanese residents. Edible sakura leaves are already a delicacy in the country. Preserved leaves are also commonly used as wrappers for a treat called Sakura-mochi, a rice cake filled with a sweet paste made from azuki beans. The leaves themselves are described as having a “fragrant, salty-sour taste” that offsets the bland mochi and sweet azuki beans.

It's a taste that also comes through when the cherry blossom flowers are used to make a pink-colored tea. The tea is traditionally served at weddings and other special occasions. The verdict is still out on whether applying that history and distinct taste to Pepsi will lead to delicious results.

[h/t Kotaku]