Watch This Fast-Paced Tour of New York City in The Movies


Hollywood might seem like the filmmaking capital of America, but filmmakers just can't get enough of New York City. Throughout movie history, the Big Apple has appeared in hundreds, if not thousands, of films. Often portrayed as a city of extremes, New York City-based scenes are generally characterized by opulence and poverty, romance and tragedy, and flashing neon lights and dark alleys.

Now, Vimeo user Really Dim (filmmaker Candice Drouet) has created the ultimate supercut of New York City in the movies. The video—which includes everything from the grimy subway tunnels of The Warriors (1979) to the glamorous rooftops of The Great Gatsby (2013)—moves at the same breakneck speed as the city itself. Moments from Taxi Driver (1976), Manhattan (1979), The French Connection (1971), and more briefly flash by and blend into a collage. Rather than linger on individual films, the video is a fast-paced tour of the city through the eyes of different filmmakers over the last five decades. Check it out above.

Banner Image courtesy of Really Dim, Vimeo.