Homer Simpson Will Appear 'Live' on The Simpsons

Wikimedia Commons // Fair Use
Wikimedia Commons // Fair Use / Wikimedia Commons // Fair Use

Ever wanted to meet Homer Simpson in real life? OK that might not be physically possible, but on Sunday, May 15, fans of The Simpsons will be treated to the next best thing: a three-minute live segment featuring a Q&A with the animated character. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the bit will occur live on both the show’s East and West Coast broadcasts during the full-length, regularly scheduled episode.

Dan Castellaneta, the actor who’s played Homer since 1989, will provide the character’s voice and mannerisms via motion-capture technology, allowing him to answer viewers’ questions and discuss current events and topical subjects in real time. To prove that the segment hasn't been pre-recorded, Castellaneta will say things he "could only be saying live on that day,” showrunner Al Jean told THR.

Since this particular episode's plot explores improvisational comedy, the live segment adds to the overall theme. "As far as I know, this is the first time that's been done by any animated show. And Dan is a great improviser,” Jean told THR. The BBC also points out that the Q&A segment fits the current live episode trend, where broadcast networks entice audiences from on-demand services like Netflix or Hulu by offering real-time events.

Have a question for Homer? Whether you want to ask for his opinions on the current presidential race or simply want to know his favorite kind of doughnut, you can tweet your query using the hashtag #HomerLive starting Sunday, May 1, through Wednesday, May 4.

[h/t CNN Money]