This Just In: David Attenborough Is Returning to Planet Earth

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The BBC has announced that David Attenborough will return to host a second season of Planet Earth. The beloved naturalist has contributed to nature and travel shows on the BBC since the 1950s, and has become one of television’s most recognizable voices. But though Attenborough has provided his iconic brand of light-hearted and informative narration to a range of shows, Planet Earth may be one of the most popular.

According to The Guardian, Attenborough will host six one-hour episodes of Planet Earth II later this year. Like the first season of Planet Earth, season two will explore the wonders of the natural world. But producers claim advances in technology such as drones, ultra high-definition filming, and remote recording capabilities will make the show’s second season even more spectacular. 

“Shot in UHD, the epic scale and ambition of this series is second to none,” executive producer Mike Gunton told Variety. “It will be a truly immersive experience, providing audiences with a unique perspective on the most extraordinary places and animals on our planet.”

The show took three years to shoot, and will be presented to international buyers at a BBC sales event in Liverpool tomorrow. The BBC’s Tom McDonald told The Guardian, “Ten years on from Planet Earth, it feels like the perfect moment to bring our audience a series of such ambition, which will change the way we see the natural world.”

[h/t The Guardian]