Two Retired Army Horses Are Looking for a New Home

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Looking to own a highly trained military horse who has completed a tour of duty? According to The Washington Post, the United States Army recently put two retired caisson horses, named Kennedy and Quincy, up for adoption. If you make it through the rigorous application process, you’ll be given one of the animals for free.

Caisson horses serve in the Army’s Old Guard, and spend their days pulling deceased veterans’ coffins to burials at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. After participating in thousands of funerals, the hardy animals are ready to retire.

In Kennedy’s case, WJLA reports that the 15-year-old Standardbred kicked one too many soldiers to remain in service. He’s described as “temperamental” and “a little bit fidgety.” Meanwhile, Quincy, an 11-year-old quarter horse, has a chronic condition called navicular disease that causes lameness in his front feet. "He’s great with children and elderly folks and really riders of all experience levels," Lieutenant Daniel Nicolosi told WJLA. Both horses reportedly served in the Old Guard for nearly a decade.

Army officials ensure that potential adopters are vetted through home visits and a six-page application form. Once two worthy owners have been selected, Kennedy and Quincy will be placed in their new homes by summer. Interested in owning your own caisson horse? Check out the required paperwork online, or email

[h/t The Washington Post]