Watch This Fearless Antelope Take on a Nosey Drone Head-First


When will drone owners get the hint that animals don't like their toys? Multiple viral videos filmed over recent years have shown birds, rams, and even kangaroos laying the smackdown on the pricey quadcopters. Now, antelopes have sent a representative to add the species to the animal kingdom's anti-drone registry.

According to Outdoor Hub, the video (above) was filmed in Clarendon, Texas, where pronghorn antelope play. An unnamed amateur photographer spotted a lone antelope and decided to get a closer shot. The antelope tried to walk away but was pursued by the unfamiliar flying object, so it did what any wild and mildly annoyed animal would do. A swift headbutt sent the drone crashing to the ground, and the victorious antelope disappeared from view. A FOX news station in Denver posted the video to Facebook, and it got 1.4 million views within the first four days.

The fact that the video exists means that someone must have recovered the drone eventually. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

Banner image via KB Flyer on YouTube

[h/t Popular Mechanics]