20 Fun and Unusual Bottle Openers

Shapeways / Shapeways

Unless you're a Rugby player, you probably need some assistance uncapping a bottle. Here are a few quirky bottle openers that will help you crack open a cold one. 

1. BATMAN; $9 

This Batman-logo-shaped bottle opener also functions as a keychain and screwdriver. The tips of the wings have a Phillips and flathead screwdrivers while the middle has a place to open bottles.

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2. ARMY MAN; $7

Let this army man’s gun help you crack open that bottle. The die cast metal opener is painted green to replicate the classic toys.

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3. ACE OF SPADES; $2  

This stainless steel card won’t win you any poker games, but it will open your beer. The flat shape means it can easily slip in your wallet so you’ll always be prepared.

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4. PIRATE; $11  

What looks like a peg-legged pirate is actually a very handy multi-tool to help you behind the bar. Besides a bottle opener, the pirate has a foil cutter and a corkscrew leg.

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5. LUCHADOR; $5 

This tough opener will put your bottle in a headlock. The stainless steel luchador comes in three different colors and poses.

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6. LIKE; $8 

Now you can “like” opening a beer while you do it thanks to this opener, which is shaped like Facebook’s iconic thumbs-up icon. It comes with a magnet so you can keep it on the fridge, but it’s also pocket-sized for taking on the go.

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7. SHOVEL; $8 

This copper-plated shovel bottle opener is for when you want to “dig in” to some drinks. 

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8. BICYCLE; $3  

These metal bicycles have a back wheel that doubles as a bottle opener and come with a fabric tag that says “let the adventure begin!”

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9. A REAL BULLET; $10  

The Veteran-owned company American Brass converted these .50 caliber bullets into bottle openers to help you look extra tough at your next barbeque.

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10. HAMMER; $7  

After hammering in a few nails, some people might find themselves pretty thirsty. Luckily, this hammer doubles as a bottle opener so you never even have to set down your tools.

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11. ZIPPER; $16  

The product description promises that “opening your favorite beverage is now a zip!” This giant zipper opens bottles with the same ease a zipper keeps together a sweatshirt. It also has a magnet for easy storage.

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12. BATMOBILE; $15

While this bottle opener might seem a little cumbersome, it’s hard to argue that having a metal Batmobile around the kitchen wouldn’t be cool. It even has a magnet so you can proudly display it on your fridge.

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Mercilessly uncap beers with this bottle opener shaped like a samurai sword. It has a stainless steel blade and silicone hilt for an easy grip.

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14. STAR TREK; $16  

The USS Enterprise is here to help Trekkies truly enjoy their beer. The metal opener is officially licensed and features NCC-1701 printed across the top. 

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15. TEETH; $10  

These vampire teeth make every drink a little spookier. You can also get a set of shark teeth to match. 

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16. STAR WARS; $6 

Real rebels use the Millennium Falcon to open their brews. This tiny zinc alloy bottle opener is perfect for keeping in your pocket for emergencies. 

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Who you gonna call when you’re feeling thirsty? The Ghostbusters logo is great for opening bottles and—thanks to a magnet—keeping your fridge ghost-free. It’s more important than you think.

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Annoyed by the clunkiness of normal bottle openers? Consider the PiCO. This itsy-bitsy bottle opener was Kickstarter-funded and is now ready to help you crack open some bottles. It’s slightly less efficient than a full-sized bottle opener, but you can’t beat its convenient size.

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19. AMPERSAND; $7  

For people who are always asking “and another?” comes the perfect bottle opening tool. This ampersand-shaped opener is made from aluminum and comes in a slick black gift box.

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Ever want to open a beer with a solid gold pile of poop? Now you can—for the modest price of $10,000. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little less flashy, you can choose to have the design printed in a variety of more affordable metals and plastics. The plastic version won’t open a bottle, but they might look cute on your desk.

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