Learn About Human Anatomy With This Cool Augmented Reality Tee


In the tech world, “wearables” typically refers to devices like fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and cameras. But a company called Curiscope is looking to change that with its recently introduced Virtuali-Tee, which uses augmented reality to teach kids (and adults) more about the human body.

“It’s a little like The Magic Schoolbus, except now you’re actually there,” Curiscope CEO Ed Barton said in the Kickstarter film for the Virtuali-Tee. When viewed through Curiscope’s free mobile app for Android or iOS (which will be released when the shirts are available), the graphic on the T-shirt becomes a 3D model of the body that uses augmented reality to allow for exploration of the internal organs. Users can zoom in to get a closer look at the heart, lungs, urinary and digestive systems, and can even dive in to view 3D representations of blood vessels. When paired with a virtual reality headset, the experience becomes a 360-degree educational adventure.

"Engagement-driven curiosity drives learning, and we are going to encourage kids to pursue learning outside of the classroom as well as in it," Curiscope said on Kickstarter. "This technology allows us to create learning you can really connect with." At the time of this post, backers had already pledged nearly $17,000 of Curiscope's $96,957 goal. There are 29 days left, so if you want to learn more about and support the tech, head over to the campaign.

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