12 Interesting Bandages for Your Weirdest Cuts

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The next time you scrape your knee or get a paper-cut on your finger, don’t reach for a flesh-colored Band-Aid. Give your injuries some pizzazz with one of these novelty bandages.

1. UNICORNS; $8  

This magical tin contains 15 latex-free bandages with sterile gauze. The boo-boo covers come in two styles, both of which have pink unicorns and rainbows. Best of all, the kit comes with a free temporary tattoo to keep your mind off the pain.

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2. NINJAS; $11 

These adorably-shaped bandages are perfect for your sneakiest injuries and they're even wrapped in ninja star packaging.

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3. TATTOOS; $8 

Cuts and bruises hurt, so why not have something to show for it? These tattoo bandages will make you look tough while keeping your injuries protected. The tin comes with 12 bandages in three different styles.

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4. PICKLES; $8 

You definitely don’t want to put salt in your wounds, so luckily these pickle band-aids are not the real deal (dill?). The tin has 15 pickles as well as one free prize.

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5. CAT LADY; $8 

Being a cat lady can be dangerous work, especially when Sprinkles needs a bath. Cover up those scratches with these delightful bandages dedicated to the cat lovers of the world. The designs include cats, scratch posts, and the cone of shame.

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6. CRAYONS; $7  

You might not be able to color with them, but these crayon bandages are a delightful reminder of your childhood. Amazon sells them in packs of 100, so you never have to worry about scrapes again.

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7. UNDERWEAR; $11 

Cover up your wounds with a pair of underpants. These tighty-whiteys are latex free and come in sets of 12.

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8. BACON; $8 

Is there anything bacon can’t do? This tin of bandages comes with 15 bacon strips and a free prize.

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Say “nevermore” to infected injuries with the help of these Poe bandages. This spooky tin comes with 15 oversized purple bandages, and of course, a free mystery prize.

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10. BIG FOOT; $6 

These 3-inch-long bandages are perfect for those cuts you’re getting from tracking Sasquatch through the woods. The tin holds 10 bandages and a prize that’s as mysterious as Big Foot itself.

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Four sores and seven scrapes ago, you were really wishing you had these. This tin of 20 Lincoln bandages help heal your wounds.

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12. JANE AUSTEN; $7 

These pink and blue band-aids feature author Jane Austen. The latex-free bandages come in packs of 15.

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