10 Cool Sleeping Bags, Sheets, and Beds for Snoozing in Style

etsy / etsy

This collection of quirky sleeping bags and beds will have you rushing to go to bed.

1. PIZZA; $200

Achieve your cheesiest dreams with this slice of pizza sleeping bag. The crust is your pillow and the cheese is your blanket—and though the handmade cotton bag is a plain slice, you can buy pillows shaped like toppings.

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2. SHARK; $230

Fans of Shark Week will want this cozy, 6-foot-long sleeping bag, which comes with a removable dorsal fin that can be used as a pillow.

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3. WHALE; $220

If sharks aren't your thing, there's also an orca option that's more than 7 feet long.

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4. BEAR; $130

This sleeping bag, which covers the sleeper’s arms and legs, doubles as a panda bear costume. It’s a little over 5 feet long, so unfortunately, it’s just for children.

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5. SQUID; $230

This adorable cephalopod is the perfect thing to snuggle up in at night (the tentacles make great pillows!). When you’re not sleeping, you can put the giant squid on your head and walk around.

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6. TOTORO; $229

This giant Totoro-shaped bed—which is more than 7 feet long—comes with a detachable tail and a removable cover.

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7. TAUNTAUN; $259

Remember when Luke was protected from Hoth's harsh weather in a dead Tauntaun? Now you can reenact the scene with this sleeping bag. The head is used for a pillow and the zipper is shaped like Luke’s lightsaber. The inside even has the pattern of the Tauntaun's intestines—adorable!

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Those looking to be part of Ariel's world should invest in this mermaid tail, which wraps around your legs to create the illusion that you’re really a mermaid. It comes in three colors: blue, pink, and purple.

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9. WAFFLE; $80

These hand-dyed sheets turn any regular mattress into a waffle and syrup. You can also buy fruit pillows—including kiwis, bananas, and blueberries—to serve as toppings.

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10. SNORLAX; 52,000 YEN

Take a nap on one of the sleepiest Pokemon out there. This Snorlax bed is 59 inches long—the perfect size to curl up on top of. When you’re done napping, you can prop it up and play with it like a giant teddy bear.

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