A Pair of Young NYC Siblings Have Started Their Own Detective Agency

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The Gore & Gore Detective Agency isn’t a fictional business from a hardboiled crime novel—it’s a team of two real-life kid sleuths from Manhattan's Inwood neighborhood.

According to DNAinfo, siblings Jack Gore, 10, and Phoebe Gore, 7, have established their very own private eye business. Over the past few weeks, the gumshoes have cracked three neighborhood cases using nothing more than their wits, a whiteboard, a notepad, handmade fliers, and a customized detective badge given to them by their grandfather, a retired NYPD lieutenant.

The Gores charge $6 per case, although they will waive fees for mysteries they pick up themselves. So far, they’ve found a lost dog tag, a missing earring, and an envelope full of cash—a week’s worth of pay dropped by a nanny in their apartment building’s lobby.

The sleuths-in-training hone their skills by reading mystery novels, like the Nancy Drew or Jigsaw Jones books, and watching Law & Order. Jack told DNAinfo that he can now tell whether people are lying “by watching their eyes,” and Phoebe has learned to dust for fingerprints. However, it’s the duo's no-nonsense attitude that would impress even professional PIs. "We don't want them to waste our time," Jack told DNAinfo’s Carolina Pichardo. "We tell them, 'no dishonesty.’”

The Gores know that they're still too young to solve any big-league cases, but they are "hoping to get calls for missing dogs or something." We're sure Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Encyclopedia Brown would approve.

To see photos of the Gore & Gore detectives at work, head on over to DNAinfo.

[h/t DNAinfo]