Australia Now Has a Free Puppy Subscription Service

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Want to take care of adorable puppies for free with no long-term commitment? That seemingly impossible dream will soon become a reality for residents of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales thanks to Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. Their puppy subscription service lets Aussies sign up for a puppy like they would a magazine, acting as caregiver for approximately one year before trading their puppy in for a new one.

The subscription program is part of an effort to find caretakers for future seeing eye dogs until they are old enough to begin training. Anyone who signs up receives an approximately eight-week-old puppy, and is expected to care for it, socialize it, and conduct basic training until it is 12 to 15 months old. Mashable explains that Seeing Eye Dogs Australia even provides free food, free veterinary care, and free boarding if caregivers go on vacation. 

Of course, with free puppies comes responsibility. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia requires that caregivers not leave puppies alone for more than three hours at a time, provide access to a backyard, and make themselves available for periodic training sessions with a "Puppy Supervisor." Still, that seems like a reasonable tradeoff for free puppies forever.

According to Ad News, the new initiative was launched because Seeing Eye Dogs expects somewhere between 30 and 40 puppies to be born in the next few weeks, and needs to find trustworthy caregivers. Check out the adorable "Free Puppies Forever" promotional video above, but be warned: it just repeats over and over, so no need to view the entire 10 minutes.

[h/t Mashable]